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GERBER GATOR | Golok Machete
GERBER GATOR | Golok Machete (31-002850)

GERBER GATOR | Golok Machete (31-002850)

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GERBER GATOR Golok Machete (31-002850)

Built with full tang construction, the Golok is Gerber’s version of the classic design. The Gator Golok Machete’s sturdy handle wrapped in the classic Gerber Gator Grip keeps it snug in your hand while being leveled at underbrush. This knife expertly helps you manage the workload in record time for better results using comparatively little effort.


Possessing a thicker blade than any other machete in the line, the Golok is impressively adept at chopping. The thickness and grind of the blade provide high resistance to sticking in green wood. Traditionally used in SE Asia for agricultural purposes, the Gator Golok is well suited for any number of outdoor tasks. Textured Gator Grip on the handle keeps it secure, and the ergonomic shape makes it comfortable for extended use. Its hardened steel is constructed with a precision grind to cut with minimal exertion, allowing for less body strain and greater efficiency.


The lightweight, solid handle of the Gator Golok Machete is designed for the long-term life of this axe. It includes a unique, adjustable para cord safety lanyard and a high-quality sheath. The sheath features dual D-loops, with a belt loop for multiple carry options.

Item # 31-002850

  • Overall Length: 19.0"
  • Blade Length: 12.0"
  • Weight w/o sheath: 25.3 oz.
  • Dual tapered blade design
  • Full tang construction
  • Handle with Gator Grip over-mould
  • Adjustable lanyard
  • Sturdy Sheath with dual D-loops


Gerber is an iconic American company whose brand and products have global reach and relevance. For more than 70 years Gerber has provided its customers with quality, reliable and innovative products that our end-users have come to expect. All Gerber products are designed and engineered in Portland, OR where many are also manufactured. However, there are unknown and unauthorized individuals and companies creating and distributing fake Gerber products, known as counterfeits, which do not meet our exacting quality and safety standards. The success of the Gerber brand and products in the international marketplace has made us a major target for counterfeits. We have created this page to inform our customers and end-users and help to expand awareness of this issue.

Counterfeits are sold on numerous web sites at varying prices and are often times difficult to distinguish from genuine Gerber products. Counterfeits come in a number of forms from cheap knock-off versions of original Gerber designs to completely unrelated designs bearing the Gerber logo and/or word mark.