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BAROCOOK -Flameless-Cooking-System-Heat-Pack-50g-10pack-BC002-Botanex
BAROCOOK -Flameless-Cooking-System-Heat-Pack-50g-10pack-BC002-Botanex
BAROCOOK -Flameless-Cooking-System-Heat-Pack-50g-10pack-BC002-Botanex

BAROCOOK | Flameless Cooking 10 x Heat Packs - 50g (BP-002)

  |   $34.00

BAROCOOK | Flameless Cooking 10 x Heat Packs - 50g

Barocook the flameless cooking system
NO electricity, gas or fuel required!!
All you need is water!
Ideal for outdoors and people on the move.

Flameless, water-activated, heating packs achieves heat up to 95 degrees Celsius. 

Heating packs can be disposed of like other environmentally friendly trash

  • Includes ten x 50 gram heating packs
  • The 50 gram size produces a longer effective cooking time.
  • Extremely compact and lightweight for portability
  • Cook or reheat your food and coffee/tea anytime, anywhere; at the office, on a road trip, hotels, the great outdoors, or any imaginable situation
  • For use with Barocook Flameless Cooking system
  • Item# BC-002
  • Non-Toxic flameless heat source made of Quick Lime and can be disposed of in a trash bin or bag