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BIOLITE BaseLantern

  |   $189.95


Bluetooth Lantern & Power Hub

Meet the world’s first flatpack lantern that combines breakthrough edge-lighting with Bluetooth connectivity to bring you a portable lighting solution that doubles as your own miniature smartgrid. No bigger than a sandwich, the BaseLantern can light large group settings, charge phones and other devices, and offer real-time battery feedback so you get the most from your off-grid energy.

Your phone is one of the best remote controls out there, so we built a custom Low Energy Bluetooth app that connects with your BaseLantern and transforms it into your own miniature smartgrid.


  • 1. 500 Lumen Edge-Lit Lantern
    Bright and even light in an ultra-packable form

  • 2. Power Button
    On/off/dim or press to cycle through modes

  • 3. 7800 mAh Rechargeable Internal Battery
    Light and power for a full weekend - LEDs display bat

  • 4. Stainless Steel Folding Legs
    Raise off the table, angle for task-lighting or hang from a branch

  • 5. Micro-USB Charge In
    No disposable batteries – recharge at home or on the trail with the BioLite SolarPanel 5+

  • 6. USB Charge Out x2
    Choose where your energy goes and charge 4 smartphones

  • 7. SiteLight x2 and Control Panel
    Create extended lighting with BioLite string light system

  • 8. Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) App
    Complete lighting control, timer, proximity activation, and real-time energy feedback. LE uses barely any power from your phone.

  • BaseLantern features



    • Weight 1.29 lbs (587 g)
    • Lumens 500 Lm
    • Dimensions 129 x 127 x 44 mm
    • Inputs: Micro USB
    • Outputs:  USB: x2    SiteLights port x2
    • Battery:  7800 mAh
    • Bluetooth App
    • Runs on Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). Compatible with Android and iOS. App not required for basic lantern functionality
    • Water Resistance:  IPX4
    • Burn Time (Hrs):  54 LO / 5 HI
    • In The Box:  BaseLantern, USB cord, Instructions



    Big Light in a Small Space

    1.  Edge-Lighting: A unique textured pattern on the lens reflects the LEDs on a steep angle creating soft, even light along the entire panel without requiring a cavernous space typical of most lanterns.

    2.  High-Efficiency LEDs: White and RGB LEDs located at base of the lens provide warmth control and thousands of color options.

    3.  Rechargeable Battery: A 7800 mAh battery maximizes burn time and gives the ability to share light to the daisy-chainable BioLite SiteLights. USB-charge out powers your gear.

    4. Stainless Steel Housing: Thinner and even more durable than plastic, the stainless steel housing works double time as a heat sink, helping the LEDs run more efficiently.