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BIOLITE Energy Bundle Packable Off-grid System

BIOLITE Energy Bundle Packable Off-grid System

  |   $726.00

BIOLITE Energy Bundle Packable Off-grid System

Go off grid with Biolite ENERGY BUNDLE

Cook, Charge & Light.


  • Campstove 2
  • Portable CampStove Grill
  • Kettlepot
  • Powerlight NanoGrid  (Powerlight Bundle)
  • Solar Panel 5+

Fire up the award-winning CampStove to cook meals and charge devices with nothing but the sticks around you. Up your culinary game with the included Portable Grill and KettlePot, lightweight cooking accessories that can brew your morning coffee or grill up a wood-fired feast.

Keep your site well lit with the PowerLight Bundle, a compact combo of rechargeable lighting and power storage. Featuring a 3-in-1 Lantern, Torch, Powerbank plus two daisy-chain lights, illuminate any task or any space with a system that can fit in the palm of your hand. Keep it charged and ready with the SolarPanel 5+, Featuring BioLite's Optimal Sun System, an integrated sundial aligns you to the sun to capture direct rays while a 360-degree kickstand simplifies positioning on uneven terrain.






Alec and Jonathan begin the weekend project of “making a wood camping stove,” and CampStove proof of concept is born.



Jonathan and Alec learn about clean cookstove movement and HomeStove work begins; BioLite bifurcates the business and develops Parallel Innovation model.



BioLite hits the market and CampStoves ship to customers around the world.



Pilot programs begin for the launch of the BioLite HomeStove across India and Uganda.



BioLite raises over $1MM on Kickstarter with the BaseCamp Stove, BioLite’s outdoor recreational grill, inspired by the HomeStove.



BioLite expands beyond stoves into lighting with the launch of the NanoGrid system featuring breakthrough edge-lighting technology.



BioLite’s emission-reducing HomeStove has issued carbon credits for its performance; BioLite uses the first batch of credits to erase its entire carbon history and commit to carbon neutrality for the future of the company.



BioLite extends its Energy Ecosystem offering with the launch of the SolarPanel 5 Series and expansion of The NanoGrid. Full-time HomeStove operations begin in Kenya.