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BIOLITE NanoGrid (PowerLight Bundle)
BIOLITE NanoGrid (PowerLight Bundle) connected
BIOLITE NanoGrid (PowerLight Bundle) dispalyed
BIOLITE NanoGrid (PowerLight Bundle) in the dark
BIOLITE NanoGrid (PowerLight Bundle) diagram
BIOLITE NanoGrid (PowerLight Bundle) in use
BIOLITE NanoGrid (PowerLight Bundle)
BIOLITE NanoGrid (PowerLight Bundle) at camping
BIOLITE NanoGrid (PowerLight Bundle)

BIOLITE | NanoGrid (PowerLight Bundle)

  |   $179.95

BioLite PowerLight Bundle NanoGrid

Portable lighting and energy hub

The PowerLight Bundle is a compact, powerful system of rechargeable lighting and power storage. A combination torch and lantern, the PowerLight stores shareable energy in the palm of your hand while the daisy-chain SiteLights provide a home-like network of overhead lighting.

Light your campsite with a complete lighting system and power grid. The nanoGrid is a pocket-sized light and battery with 2 additional lights that banish darkness around the entire site from tent to picnic table. A built-in battery stores power so you can recharge phones and USB devices using a USB power source or a Biolite wood burning stove. Shine on.


System can power up to 2 additional SiteLights.
PowerLight produces 360-degree soft light and can be temporarily boosted for chores.
Friction S-hook hangs off almost anything and lets you select just the right angle.
Micro in/out charges phones and USB devices.
PowerLight provides 7 to 8 hours of light.
NanoGrid can be charged with Biolite stoves.

In the box: 1 PowerLight, 2 SiteLights and a 1 USB cable.

Battery: 4400 mAh lithium-ion 16 Wh storage battery has a built-in charge indicator.

Weight: 238g
Outputs: PowerLight: USB charge out, 2.5mm connector ; SiteLight: 2.5 mm connector
Dimensions:  PowerLight:  2.22 x 5.27 x 1.15 in (5.64 x 13.39 x 2.92 cm)
                      SiteLight::  2.55 x 1.06 x 2.55 in (6.48 x 2.69 x 6.48 cm)
Cord Length: SiteLight 10 ft per light
Light Range:
                       NanoGrid light range

Full Features:

1. Edge-Lit 200 Lumen Lantern: 
Patented texture provides warm even light with no hotspots


2. Quick Light Button: 
Easy-on for low to no-light conditions


3. 250 Lumen Torch
Powerful flashlight mode for wayfinding

4. USB Out with 4400 mAH Battery
Refill up to 3 smartphones. Battery indicator included for easy-read charge levels

5. SiteLight Hub
Daisy-chains up to 4 SiteLights for full NanoGrid lighting system

6. Micro-USB Rechargeable
Forget external batteries and recharge from your wall, car, or computer

7. 360 Degree S-Hook
Hang on closed loops or angle from any direction with custom friction hold design.

8. 10 Foot Reach
10 Foot cord per SiteLight. Fully contained with easy wrapping management system

9. Directable and Dimmable
Angle lights as needed and dim to desired levels via PowerLight hub

10. Chaining System
Connect up to 4 SiteLights for 40ft of overhead off-grid lighting

NanoGrid features

Inside the tech: