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BIOLITE SolarPanel 5
BIOLITE SolarPanel 5 in use
BIOLITE SolarPanel 5 close-up
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BIOLITE | SolarPanel 5

  |   $119.95

BioLite SolarPanel 5

Designed to Maximize Your Charge

The SolarPanel 5 features the same optimizing function and design of the SolarPanel 5+ but removes the battery to bring you an ultra-minimal panel with one of the best dollars-per-watt on the market. Power phones, tablets, and BioLite gear in real-time with this lightweight and slim 5-Watt monocrystalline power supply or pair with an external power bank for an easy energy storage solution. 

Weight:  12oz (340g)
Dimensions:  10.12"(257mm)x8.19"(208mm)   Panel + Charge Out Depth: 0.94"(24mm)  Panel Only depth: 0.26"(6.6mm)
Cell Type:  Monocrystalline
Power Output:  5 Watts per Hour (peak sun)
Weather Resistant:  IPX4
Outputs:  USB Out
Recommended for use with Phones, Tablets, Cameras, BioLite CookStove, NanoGrid, PowerLight Mini
In The Box: SolarPanel 5,  USB Cord,  Instructions
Full Features:
1. Kickstand
Position your panel from any angle or uneven terrain
2. Charge Strength Indicator
See the strength of the sun to measure your panel capacity
3. Solar Panel
High-efficiency monocrystalline panel
4. Sundial
Easy alignment to capture direct rays for maximum charge
5. USB Charge-Out
5W output to charge phones, cameras, tablets, and other gear
6. Corner Latches
Attach to a pack for external storage or to capture some watts on a hike
SolarPanel 5 features

Maximizing Your Charge From The Sun - How BioLite Tech Achieves 100% Capacity

1. Direct Connect with the Optimal Sun System: Misaligning your solar panel can lead to losing up to 30% of watts available. Our sundial aligns you directly to the sun while the 360 kickstand helps you keep it in the right spot on any terrain

2.  Maximum Power Point Tracking: BioLite software enables you to draw as much power as possible without overloading the system. The result is faster charge times and no crashes.

3.  Thin Profiles of Cool Panels Panels lose efficiency when they heat up – so we made our panel ultra-thin with minimal materials to dissipate heat quickly.


What is the difference between the SolarPanel 5 and the SolarPanel 5+?

The SolarPanel 5+ has a 2200mAh onboard battery which can store energy for later. It is also USB-rechargeable if you want to charge the panel before you head out into the sun! The SolarPanel 5 does not have an onboard battery, so it only charges your device if it is in the sun.