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BIOLITE Stick Snapper and Bottle Opener
BIOLITE Stick Snapper and Bottle Opener snapping stick
BIOLITE Stick Snapper and Bottle Opener opening bottle cap

BIOLITE StickSnapper and Bottle Opener

  |   $19.95

BioLite StickSnapper and Bottle Opener

Break Sticks & Open Bottles

Snap even the toughest sticks to the right size using this lightweight finger-saving tool. With a little bit of leverage, create a pile of fuel in no time and get burning with your BioLite CookStove or CampStove.

When you're done, kick back with a brew around the fire; the forged aluminium StickSnapper doubles as a bottle-opener.




Save your fingers and down some suds.

Just received 2 of these, one for our BaseCamp and one for our CampStove, since we use them in different situations and places.

Having never thought about needing a mechanized/lever driven snapper, my fingers now thank BioLite for saving them from scratches and soreness.

After years on the trail breaking twigs and branches for use with our CampStove I started packing gloves with me. I knew what the inevitable twig search and prep would bring me and it was the one gripe my wife had with the whole wood burning approach.

Now, with this uniquely thought-out tool we've got the situation in hand (pun intended)!

Thanks, BioLite, how do you keep hitting all the right notes?