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BRIERS | Tool Bag - 'Strawberry Thief'
BRIERS | Tool Bag - 'Strawberry Thief'

BRIERS | Tool Bag - 'Strawberry Thief'

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BRIERS | Tool Bag - 'Strawberry Thief'

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful"  William Morris.

Beauty and practicality are combined in this gorgeous and durable garden bag. Ideal for carrying around tools or bits and bobs in the convenient side pockets. With space then left free inside for all your gardening needs.

Garden in style with this handy and durable carry-all.

Size: H25.5 x W26 x D12cm


The Strawberry Thief Pattern

This is Morris' most famous pattern, designed in 1883, and is based on the thrushes that he observed stealing strawberries from his kitchen garden at Kelmscott Manor. It was made using a complex printing technique known as indigo discharge, and was an expensive luxury fabric when first produced.


This truly iconic British design has been perfected by modern techniques to provide current generations with a true-to-original pattern on a variety of materials not previously possible. Offering beauty, style and affordability ‚all combined with impeccable historical credentials.

All products printed with William Morris designs have royalties to the William Morris Gallery supporting the preservation of the patterns and creations of the world famous iconic designer and his family.


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