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BUBEL Towel | NanoFibre LARGE -  OCEAN
BUBEL Towel | NanoFibre LARGE -  OCEAN Rear View
BUBEL Towel | NanoFibre LARGE -  OCEAN Foldded
BUBEL Towel | NanoFibre LARGE -  OCEAN Packed

BUBEL Towel | NanoFibre LARGE - OCEAN

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BUBEL Towel | NanoFibre LARGE -  OCEAN

LARGE (175 x 95cm )

Bubel kills the towel.This Bubel Large Quick Drying Travel Towel is a huge soft-touch technical towel that packs down to the size and weight of a tea towel. Four times more absorbent than a normal towel, compact, quick drying, antibacterial Sanitized ® treatment and environmentally friendly materials. Bubel replaces the towel.

  • Compact: they are very lightweight and take up very little space in spite of their large size.
  • Ultra absorbent: They dry 400% more than a conventional towel.
  • Ultrafast drying and they don’t crease.
  • Very pleasant feel against the skin.
  • Product very resistant to use, washing, the sun and the chlorine in swimming pools.
  • Odourless and anti-bacterial finish.
  • Eco-friendly product: no PVC, no solvents and 100% recyclable.
  • Product suitable for the washing machine and dryer.

Bubel has many functional advantages over a conventional towel. The main ones are:

 Bubel Towel Nanofibre Quick dry