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BUCKET INA BAG™  | SET - 11L & 3.5L  - Black

BUCKET INA BAG™ | SET - 11L & 3.5L - Black

  |   $35.20

Our Bucket Ina Bag SET has a total capacity together of 14.5 Litres.

(Large = 11Litres + Baby = 3.5Litres.

Together, the sturdy, waterproof and incredibly durable the two Bucket ina Bags are ready to pop into action whenever you need a great pair of buckets

Simply unzip the buckets from the carry case and pop them up, fill with water, ice or whatever you need to carry and they're ready to go.  Perfect for small spaces, small jobs and little people who want to help out around the house.

You can also take them with you in your bag or backpack and use it to give your pets drinking water when you're on the go.

The Original Bucket ina Bag and Baby Bucket Ina Bag™ together are the incredibly versatile answer to tasks such as washing the car, portable pet drinking and eating, camping, picnicking, - every garage, shed, car, caravan and boat needs one.

Fully waterproof and very durable.