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CampBlaze  |   Camp Oven Tripod - 1.1m

CampBlaze | Camp Oven Tripod - 1.1m

  |   $44.90

Campblaze Camp Oven Tripod

note: **TRIPOD ONLY: Implements sold separately**

  • Height 1.1m
  • six pieces
  • Used for hanging cast iron implements over a fire
  • Cast Iron 
  • 50kg Max capacity

These tripods are perfect for hanging your Dutch oven, cast iron kettle, or any other cooking implement from, to cook over the fire.  

This tripod is essential for campfire cooking in the traditional way - with cast iron implements for slow cooking, or making that nice hot cup of tea!


Benefits of Cast Iron Cooking:

  • Cast iron is a near perfect heat conductor, heating evenly and consistently;
  • Cast iron can withstand very high temperatures, which makes it great for searing and frying
  • When cooking with cast iron heat is spread evenly throughout the pot; there are no hot spots; this makes iron pots great for slow cooking; and
  • Cured cast iron offers the perfect non-stick surface 
  • Cast iron is relatively inexpensive to buy but when seen in the context of its extraordinary longevity it is incredibly cheap;
  • It can be used for frying, searing, baking, deep frying grilling
  • Cooking with cast iron cookware is far more fun than with most other cookware
  • When well seasoned cast iron cookware works non stick requiring no additional oil whatsoever so its great for healthy cooking.