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CampBlaze  |   Cast Iron Oblong Skillet - Folding Wood Handle 35cm

CampBlaze | Cast Iron Oblong Skillet - Folding Wood Handle 35cm

  |   $25.00

Campblaze Cast Iron Square Skillet - Folding Wood Handle 35cm

  • Wooden fold-able handle to reduce heat transfer
  • Handle folds for easy storage ideal for camping
  • 35 x 21cm
  • Distributes heat evenly around the pan
  • Cast Iron Heavy Weight Construction
  • May not be completely flat due to casting process, best used in the outdoors camping.


Benefits of Cast Iron Cooking:

  • Cast iron is a near perfect heat conductor, heating evenly and consistently;
  • Cast iron can withstand very high temperatures, which makes it great for searing and frying
  • When cooking with cast iron heat is spread evenly throughout the pot; there are no hot spots; this makes iron pots great for slow cooking; and
  • Cured cast iron offers the perfect non-stick surface 
  • Cast iron is relatively inexpensive to buy but when seen in the context of its extraordinary longevity it is incredibly cheap;
  • It can be used for frying, searing, baking, deep frying grilling
  • Cooking with cast iron cookware is far more fun than with most other cookware
  • When well seasoned cast iron cookware works non stick requiring no additional oil whatsoever so its great for healthy cooking.