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DE-TICKER De-Ticker II Tick Removal Tool - with clip

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DE-TICKER | De-ticker II tick removal tool - with clip



  • US Patent 5407243
  • A MUST FOR Camping, Hiking, and other outdoor activities.
  • Comes with Handy clip

The best method to remove ticks from people and pets is the "gentle-turning method", instead of force, pulling or other inferior methods. Turning the tick will loosen the mouthpart without breaking it off. 

The De-Ticker II utilizes the "gentle-turning method", making tick removal easy, complete and consistent - for everyone. The De-Ticker has been on the market since 1994 and is protected by patents in the US and Canada. It has become the #1 choice for doctors and veterinarians.


Details about the De-Ticker:

  1. History

This device was developed by MACOR Industries after research showed that ticks were in general removed—even by health professionals—through very ineffective, messy and dangerous methods. Utilizing a pulling motion frequently destroys the tick, leaving parts imbedded, causing infection or worse (engorged ticks “exploding” and similar), a procedure that just about everybody seemed to hate.The conviction about—there must be a better way—resulted in research and testing—which demonstrated clearly that pulling of any kind is about the worst method of tick removal, but turning the tick instead of pulling showed very promising results.

This observation became the core of further research that has assisted greatly in the development of the “gentle-turning method” for tick removal and the design of the De-Ticker in 1993. In 2000, the De-Ticker II was introduced.The De-Ticker has become a real success story and is liked, used and marketed by veterinarians, pet supply stores, the outdoor industry, drug stores and others nationwide. 

Developed in the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina, USA and and protected by patents in the USA and Canada.


  1. Function

The De-Ticker was designed to grab the tick and hold it—spring loaded—without destroying it, allowing a turning motion of the device with the tick.When ticks attach to the host, the “mouthpart” (generally referred to as the head) is inserted into the skin. It is covered with a large number of fishhook-like barbs, which resist being pulled out. Using force and pulling generally result in the mouthpart or even larger parts of the tick tearing off and remaining imbedded in the host, causing all kinds of problems including infections.The barbs do not resist the “gentle-turning method” of the De-Ticker.After 3 to 5 turns, the barbs have widened the hole in the skin sufficiently, to allow the tick to slide out of the host, easily, completely and consistently.

Note: Tweezers, fingernails, or similar are unable to perform this task, which requires simultaneous grabbing and turning of the tick.The wrist itself is unable to turn more than half a turn. Correct tick removal requires three or more consistent and continuous turns without letting go in between. Therefore, a suitable device like the De-Ticker is needed for correct tick removal by turning instead of pulling.

The pressure of the spring-loaded claws of the De-Ticker is designed to hold the tick firmly for removal, but will not destroy or “squash” the tick.If allowed, the tick will walk away after removal when opening the claws.


Must Know Facts about Tick and Tick Removal


Are on the increase - Worldwide

Are one of the most dangerous parasites

Can carry and transmit dangerous and potentially deadly diseases, such as:

- Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
- Lyme Diesease
- Infections and inflammation caused by imbedded parts of ticks in skin due to improper tick-removal practices
- Unfortunately, tick-borne diseases are killing people and pets

The mouthpart (or commonly referred to as the “head”) is covered with barbs, which resist being pulled out of the skin of the host.

If force, pulling or even worse methods are used, the mouthpart frequently breaks off and remains imbedded in the skin of the host.
The De-Ticker II ends messy and dangerous tick-removal practices—finally!

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