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Warranty Policy - for Botanex Tents

 Warranty Policy - Botanex Tents

‘Botanex will honour a 12 month warranty against manufacturer defects in the canvas. Note that this warranty does not extend to the poles or zippers as these are commonly misused.

Any marks or damage to the canvas MUST be claimed within 14 Days of the purchase of the Tent as Botanex has no control over the storage / use of tents and thus will not be held responsible for misuse or incorrect storage resulting in a breakdown of canvas.

This warranty is applicable only to Botanex tents delivered to consumers within Australia and is not transferable.’

To protect the consumer and Botanex brand alike, the Botanex® trademark can be found on all Botanex® tents. All tents should be clearly labelled with the manufacturers company name. Only tents carrying the Botanex® trademark are protected by the Botanex® warranty.

Replacement parts are available. Please use the Contact Us form to request parts.

It should be clear that your consumer legal rights may still apply after the warranty expires.