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Suprabeam has always been based on creating premium products to quality-conscious consumers. "We believe that achieving the best quality is the true reward."

Steiner A/S was founded in 1998 by the current CEO René Steiner, from Switzerland. His mentality and mindset of perfection set the tone for the company.

Establishing the brand SUPRABEAM, the company started to develop and design their own LED-lighting products.

SUPRABEAM today designs and distributes innovative LED-torches and LED-headtorches of the highest quality and destined for professional craftsmen in industry, automotive and outdoor applications. "Our greatest task is to achieve supreme quality and a superb light condition for the entire duration of the products battery- and lifespan."


"All of our designs are made by our in-house team of few carefully selected industrial designers in Denmark, who appreciate and love the Danish culture of design. This ensures the cutting edge innovation and high standards of our products."

"In our factory, we follow the strict ISO 9001 standards and we are always striving for perfection. During the production, thorough quality control is made, as are several tests on all batches. This ensures the same high quality of all products leaving the factory."

"We only use the greatest components and materials in our production. Our dedicated team ensures the highest quality in our production, which is why we give a 5 year warranty on all products and build them to last."

"Our mission is to create high-end portable light products for the demanding professional market. By combining skill, craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art-technology. Our objective is to be the leaders through innovation and superior quality."

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