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Collection: A Short Walk

A Short Walk


Having left his job as Designer and Inventor at Dyson in 2003, Daniel Dicker developed ashortwalk from a desire, ‘to create products from recycled materials, in the UK, a short walk from the sea.’ To Dan, ‘waste’ materials are both a challenge and an opportunity. ‘Old plastic plant pots, for example’ he says, ‘are not collected. They have no value. They are light, but shipping is expensive; they are just not viable for recycling. But, if you create a product that uses them… well now it is financially viable to recycle this product.’

Currently in production at ashortwalk are chalkboards that look and feel like slate but are actually recycled paper, house numbers that were once yoghurt pots and sundials that were (the now viable) plant pots.


I ask about a new range of cork products and discover that the material is harvested in Spain from forests abandoned by the wine industry since the advent of plastic corks. Were it not for products such as Dan’s clocks and placemats the forests would be lost, along with the biodiversity they support.​

‘The convenience of single use items will persist’, says Jill Scott of Clean Cornwall, ‘but we have a choice, in spite of what is in front of us, to purchase consciously and behave responsibly. We should value good choices highly, because their impact will last longer than anything that we make.’ 

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