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A SHORT WALK ECO Food Waste Table - Bird Feeder  ASW/EBFT
A SHORT WALK ECO Food Waste Table - Bird Feeder in use
A SHORT WALK ECO Food Waste Table - Bird Feeder Pack
ECO Food Waste Table - Bird Feeder eco friendly

A SHORT WALK | ECO Food Waste Table - Bird Feeder

  |   $18.00

A SHORT WALK | ECO Food Waste Table - Bird Feeder  ASW/EBFT

100% Recycled Material

The food waste table has been designed to enable leftover household food to be easily offered to the birds in your garden, rather than having to buy expensive 'off the shelf' food.

Made from recycled plant pots, collected through our UK-wide pot to product scheme, the food waste table provides a clean and practical way of offering unwanted food to your needy neighbors.

Comes ready to hang in the garden with string. Just add food!

  • Designed & Manufactured in the UK. Made from 100% Recycled Plastic Plant Pots 
  • A simple and elegant way of recycling unwanted food
  • Perfect gardening gift for any green minded gardener
  • Dimensions 230 x 230 x 20mm. Approx 250g.
ashortwalk is a product design and manufacturing company based near Truro, Cornwall. Started in 2003 by Dan who left his previous job as a product designer/inventor at Dyson and moved to Cornwall in order to realise a long-held desire: to set up a business, and live, 'ashortwalk' from the sea.
The outdoor range of products are made from recycled plant pots; gathered, recycled and transformed into new and innovative products, using the UK nationwide ‘pot to product’ scheme.


Turning redundant pots into new useful products.
It’s estimated that we each own about 39 redundant plastic plant pots and over the UK it is suggested there are over 5 million languishing in sheds and garages. Why? Because we all think that one day they might be useful and also up until now, plastic flower pots have been notoriously hard to recycle with most council collections and municipal centres not accepting them.

Well now your 39 pots can make a house sign or 8 bird feeders or even 39 plant labels!

Please help us turn your old redundant plant pots into new, useful home and garden products.