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Victorinox Swiss army knives have been known for their multi-purpose usage all around the world for more than 120 years.

Victorinox company offers more than 800 various types of Swiss army knives, such as Army knives, Pocket knives, Craftsman knives, Victorinox knives for households and Chefs.

Regardless of their size, Victorinox knives are designed to be fully functional in each of their particular field.

Special chrome-molybdenum steel for knives is used for Victorinox blades. After tempering, Victorinox Swiss army  knives’ blades can be as hard as 56HRc.

Victorinox Swiss army knives are suitable as a present for women and men. 


Just like their knives, the Victorinox Luggage is the highest quality, providing it's user with the best quality luggage for camping, hiking, business or day travel.