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Keller Bürsten

Keller Bursten

One of the leading European manufacturers of fine brushes, Bürstenfabrik Keller GmbH offers its customers first-rate products for hair and body care, selected household brushes and complete ranges of pet and animal brushes – quality made in Germany.

Within the modern production facilities they cultivate traditional craftsmanship. To give an example, individual pieces are manufactured using the traditional hand-drawn method.


The company has remained at its historical site in Todtnau in the Black Forest right up to the present day, and with Jasmin and Andreas Keller it is family-owned in the fifth generation.

Keller Bursten brushes

It is the bristles that make a piece of wood into a brush. The quality of the individual bristles is a key factor for the purpose and the intended use. Drawing on experience, the company select the materials with great care. Preference is always to natural materials.