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Machete Pruning- two handed....

Incredible two handed machete pruning. Christmas trees in America is a serious business. Here they are shaped using this interesting method of pruning to create the perfect sphere.
Generally speaking, the machete is a cross between a knife and an axe; a blade fixed to a handle and swung. The machete blade is used for slicing, while the weighted upper blade provides force for chopping.
Botanex sells the renowned American brand machete, The Gerber Gator machete. This Company pride themselves in quality blades and knives.. They know their stuff.....they've been going since 1947....
Here's the Gator machete in their own words:

Rise up from the swamps with the Gator! This is Gerber’s take on the classic anti-walker machete. It’s a two pronged attack with both a fine edge and serrated edge. Forged of high-carbon stainless steel, the flesh of the undead and their viral residue never stick to the Gator’s blade. Made to protect you and your loved ones in the harshest of post-outbreak environments, it’s a dual-purpose machete made to withstand the worst that the uprising has to offer.

*Other uses include sawing limbs and clearing brush.


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