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DEPRESSED? 4 Good Reasons To Take A Hike!

Relief yourselves from stress, anxiety and all the symptoms that contributes to being confined or caged in. It is a well known fact that caged animals show symptoms of anxiety and depression as opposed to the ones that are free to run in the wild. Well it is the same for us, and most of us don’t even realize that we are caged 24/7. We are confined in the office for at least 10 hours a day, if not more. When we finally leave the office, we head straight home and seclude ourselves for rest of the day. A daily ritual for most of us and many of us often find ourselves consumed by negative thoughts. We fail to enjoy...

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Folklore "Night & Day" Collection by Wild & Wolf Available at Botanex!

Botanex recently added a new collection to their store:  Folklore "Night & Day" designed by Nina Jarema. The range offers enamelware featuring owls, foxes, bears, birds in blue, orange  and yellow colors. There are lots of fun pieces, perfect for a  picnic, camping and to use at home. Many pieces are presented in a gift box which makes them an ideal present. Made from Enamel, the range is lightweight which makes it a good choice for travelling as it packs light. So if you like to glamp while you camp (or hike, or picnic) this is the crockery for you. Perfect For Kids, this collection brings delight to the fussiest eaters and is of course unbreakable... Enamelware brings out your inner girl...

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