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Haws ™ made in UK

Manufactured from their factory in Birmingham, Haws take pride in designing and delivering the finest quality watering cans.

John Haws first worked out his improved design and method of manufacture from a French made waterpot (or can as they are now called) and designed a can with perfection.

Whether full, half full or empty the can could be used without undue strain to the operator. To this day, the original design has not been altered in any major way.

John soon designed and patented his very own watering can. A can with a canister body and breast to prevent spillages while pouring. It had two handles, one for carrying and one for tipping. It was soon recognized by top gardeners and in 1894 received the National Chrysanthemum Society Gold Medal award for his improved watering can.

"This new invention forms a watering pot that is much easier to carry and tip, and at the same time being much cleaner, and more adapted for use than any other put before the public."

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