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Winbest® by Barska

Barska, an innovator in outdoor sporting good products has designed a new line of Winbest® metal detectors and accessories.

Outdoor enthusiast and treasure hunters alike can take advantage of the feature packed new Barska metal detectors at an affordable price.

Metal detector technology has improved to a point that anyone can become a professional treasure hunter with one of the three models Barska offers. A trip to the beach should never be with out a Barska® Winbest® metal detector. People would never know of the possible treasures that lay hidden right under their feet. Don't miss out on finding treasure with the Winbest® metal detectors by Barska.


 Winbest® metal detectors - a glance

The new Winbest® Pro Edition (BE11638) was developed as an entry-level model for new treasure hunters. The Pro Edition Features two metal detector operation search modes, the first mode allows the user to search for different types of metals with an auto ground balance and high sensitivity. The second mode allows the user to search by discriminating what kind of metal is being detected. The ability to weed out metals that are not of value to the user insures that time is not wasted on digging up junk metals and that the user focuses on precious metals that are worth more.

The new Winbest® Elite Edition (BE11642) An affordable detector that's full of useful features. Includes adjustable sensitivity, multiple modes of operation, and a user-friendly LCD display. Distinguish different ferrous objects by using the notch setting, adjustable sensitivity, and super slow sweep functions. Also featuring an 8" search coil that is weather proofed and suitable for use in shallow water.

The Winbest® Sharp Edition BE11922) offers the ability to search for various types of metals both in and out of water. Featuring two operation modes, one mode that identifies the types of metal while the other filters out metals that are not of interest.  A waterproof 8.5" search coil enables you to search in shallow water. Adjustable sensitivity knobs differentiates between types of metal detected and emits a distinctive tone for each different type of metal found.

The Winbest® Master 200 Edition (BE11922) This detector features a user-friendly interface displaying the type of metal that is detected right on the screen. You'll know immediately if you've found "scrap metal" or something more valuable like gold or silver. This saves you time by disregarding the rubbish and focusing on the valuable items. The 10" search coil is fully sealed and suitable for use in shallow water. With this easy to use detector, you'll be searching for treasures in no time!

The Winbest® Premiere Edition (BE11924) Used to detect metal objects in fresh or salt water up to 9.9M. This underwater unit features a 10 inch search coil, and two operating functions. One function responds to any type of metal, and the other function ignores any metal type you do not want to pick up. An LED light signals red when an object is detected and an audio feature will emit a unique tone for different types of metals that are sensed. Features adjustable controls for sensitivity and volume, as the unit can be used with headphones (included).

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