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MSR® | Flex™ 3 Cook Set
MSR® | Flex™ 3 Cook Set

MSR® | Flex™ 3 Cook Set

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MSR® | Flex™ 3 Cook Set 

Versatile, high capacity cook and eat system for three.

Group cooking and non-stop road-warrior use calls for bigger pots with added versatility, and that’s what you get with the Flex 3 Cook Set. High-capacity, hard-anodized aluminum pots with both coated and nonstick surfaces open up your options for cooking while mugs and plates for three add comprehensive cook and eat utility. It’s perfect for cooking larger or more-involved meals on group adventures

  • Dual Cooking Surfaces: Both pots are durable hard-anodized aluminum; one has a scratch-resistant, nonstick surface.
  • Nested design: Saves valuable space in your pack or car.
  • Comprehensive: Includes mugs and plates for three.
  • Modular: Add an additional DeepDish plate or insulated mug (sold separately), or customize it to suit your needs.



• 1 x 2.3L Nonstick,hard anodised aluminum pot
• 1 x 3.3L hard anodised aluminum pot w/strainer lid
• 1 x Talon™ pot lifter
• 3 x DeepDish™ plates
• 3 x S/Steel insulated mugs.