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How we ship plants




NOTE: We do not always dispatch plants the same day as they are ordered. we endeavour to dispatch plants early in the week in order to avoid the parcel remaining in a freight depot over the weekend break.

Step 1:  Each plant is placed into specialized boxes to ensure they are not crushed or toppled over in shipping.

Step 2:  Moisture level and water are checked to ensure the plant will arrive in good condition and not go into shock during the shipping process.

Step 3:  Packing material and methods are inserted to ensure the correct moisture level, required water and to protect the structure of the plant.

Step 4:  When your order has been packaged it is shipped via courier special priority to ensure an on time delivery and a healthy plant.




We do guarantee that:

  • Customer satisfaction is important to us.  The crew here at Botanex work diligently to ensure that your plants will have arrived to you in a timely manner and in a healthy condition which will give them the opportunity to grow and perform as we would expect them to under normal satisfactory growing conditions. 
  • We are confident in our packaging and shipping department so if you receive a plant that is damaged or unhealthy just contact us and we will ship you a replacement plant for free.

  •  If you are not completely satisfied with your order please contact us within ten days of receipt of your order and we will do our best to work with you in order to remedy the situation.


We do not guarantee plants that are damaged or are in poor condition due to:

  • exposure to inappropriate extremes in temperature, light, wind, salts, chemicals, or other conditions that are detrimental to the general health and well being of the plant(s) once you have received it(them). We feel that it is as much the customer's responsibility to provide the appropriate care for the plants that they have purchased as it is our responsibility to provide quality products and prompt and convenient service.
  • purchases for the wrong climate conditions: If the plants that you are purchasing are cold sensitive or heat sensitive ; we feel that it is the customer's responsibility to take this into consideration when placing the order. 
  • plants that have remained in their packages beyond a reasonable amount of time after having been delivered to the address that the customer has specified (P.O. boxes included) when placing the order.
  • Once the package has been transferred from Botanex to the courier it CANNOT be reliably redirected, if at all. Living and growing plants become perishable items once they enter their packages and can only reasonably be expected to tolerate the varied temperature conditions and darkness that they may experience on their journey for a limited amount of time. 


Your total satisfaction is important to us.